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team_megan's Journal

20 September
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I'm a huge Avatar fan. I love biology, math, anatomy, and art. I used to be in Marching Band... I was in color guard, lol.
I hate drama... Kataang drama is fine. real life drama. Boo.
I'm a pre-med student. I'm single. and School is a bore.
I'm the oldest in my family and live with my dad and stepmom. I love animals. I'm an outdoors kind of person adn grew up on a lake. I love anything on the water. I'm extremely ambitious when it comes to learning new things, especially things like martial arts, dancing, and any sport. I'm super comepetitive and a tomboy. I love dressing up though, haha.
I've dated alot of my friends... worst idea ever.
I'm straight. XD
I love drawing people. Anatomy is fascinating. (No jokes, pervs.) I like drawing the muscle structure and all that jazz. Most of my pictures don't have those certain... features.
I draw kataang alot. Srsly
Go check out my deviantart account. It's like crazy.
I'm on kataang-forever and fanfiction too. same name.